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Barcelona: Christmas Tour

From December 1st to December 23rd, join us on our Barcelona Christmas Tour as we take you on a special route. Through the streets of Barcelona we show you the most traditional, interesting and unique aspects of Christmas in the city. You will learn about the history and traditions that surround the Christmas season, visit a Christmas market and a nativity scene, and have the chance to sample traditional Christmas sweets.

Highlights of our Barcelona Christmas Tour

Christmas in Barcelona is a fantastic time of the year to come and visit, to have an amazing experience getting ready for one of the biggest celebrations! The city is filled with lights, traditional music, there is always something going on (a parade, a market with local or traditional Christmas products, Christmas exhibitions, nativity scenes, and so much more!) and we are here to take you to all the different sites and to give you the most authentic experience possible! 

A shopping experience

Barcelona is always a great place to buy unique products. Hand-made and/or local is the key! But during Christmas there are a few secret and well-hidden markets that we will show you, as well as the best places to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Or maybe indulge yourself with a few treasures … Get ready for the hunt! 

‘Live & Love’ Christmas like a local

Our local guides will explain everything about how people from Barcelona and Catalonia celebrate Christmas. And trust us, people in Catalonia are as quirky as their traditions! 

Traditional Christmas food … and sweets!

We all know that a big part of the Christmas celebration is food. Not to mention deserts and sweets! Let us walk you through a culinary experience during our Barcelona Christmas Tour, too.  

Nativity Scenes

One of the most traditional things to do during the Christmas season in Barcelona is to visit a Nativity Scene. These handcrafted and impressive works of art won’t leave you indifferent!   


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