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Barcelona: Gaudi Tour

The Essential Gaudi and Modernista Tour of Barcelona is one of our most popular tours. Visit some of the most representative jewels of Modernista architecture and its greatest artist: Antoni Gaudi.

Explore the figure, career and unique vision of this genius. Learn about his interpretation of the Art Nouveau style and how Catalan architects created their own style within the movement. The Modernisme style reflects the culture and the times of Barcelona. Additionally, nature provided more than just a source of inspiration for decoration. It offered a model for building. Gaudi was able to design and build things unlike anyone else because of his singular focus and incredible talent. The impact of Modernisme goes beyond the buildings and monuments. They created an indelible mark on the whole city that leaves no one indifferent.

Highlights of our Modernista and Gaudi Tour of Barcelona

Although we can personalize the Gaudi and Modernista Tour of Barcelona to your preferences and likes, we always recommend doing a maximum of 2 sites in depth during a 4-hour tour. For example, visit Sagrada Familia and Park Güell and then an exterior visit of the buildings on Passeig de Gràcia (Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Casa Lleó Morera, etc). Another possibility would be to add extra hours so you can visit more. Here is a list of the Modernista buildings and Gaudi sites in Barcelona city you could visit: 

Sagrada Familia

Considered the crowning acheivement of Antoni Gaudi, and an absolute must-see for everyone who comes to Barcelona. This unfinished masterpiece stands tall as one of the highlights of Barcelona.  Get up close with the incredible details of the facades. Then see how the light filters through the stained glass. Finally, go up the towers for a panoramic view over the city! 

Park Güell

Gaudi’s unique vision of a city garden park and perhaps the best example of his genius at work in the landscape. The largest collection of the “trencadis” style of mosaic work is on display here. While most clearly evidences along the benches, don’t miss “Drac”. The mosaic covered lizard provides a staple for photographs and souvenir shops.

Casa Milà

Gaudi’s last and arguably greatest civic work, this building’s every feature begs further investigation. From the wavy facade to the rooftop chimneys it beckons passers-by. When you delve into the history, discover why the locals didn’t like it originally. The apartments themselves are Gaudi’s tribute to light and space without sacrificing beauty.

Casa Batlló

One of the most colorful and vibrant houses designed by Gaudi. From the facade to the mosaic dragon, this is another unforgettable experience. The mosaic façade, the “skull” windows and the rooftop chimney all combine to tell a story closely tied to the city of Barcelona.

Other Modernista buildings and Gaudi sites you could visit in Barcelona

The whole city of Barcelona is a Modernista jewel per sé. But here are a few other sites you could also visit without getting out of the city: 

  • Torre Bellesguard
  • Palau de la Música
  • Sant Pau Hospital
  • Casa Amatller. Right next to Casa Batlló. This Modernista house, by the architect Puig i Cadafalch, highlights the similarities and difference of these two great artists within the same style. 
  • Casa Lleo Morera. The work of another master of Modernisme, Domenech i Muntaner. This was the most affected by the Spanish civil war, but still retains its majestic beauty with a spectacular mosaic entrance and cupola overseeing the street. It is sometimes overlooked by people who are entranced by the two other buildings on the street. 


4 hours

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100% exclusive

Optional Services

Extend the tour to add other Modernista sites: Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Sant Pau, Palau de la Música, etc

Type of tour

Walking Tour
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Sagrada Familia
Park Güell

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