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Barcelona: Jewish Heritage Tour

For nearly a thousand years Barcelona’s Jewish quarter was a lively and important part of the city. In recent years the importance of the Jewish cultural legacy has been brought to light. So join us on our Barcelona Jewish Heritage Tour to discover how much we can learn from the stones and streets of the “Call” (Jewish Quarter).

Highlights of our Barcelona Jewish Heritage Tour

The Call

The Jewish Quarter, or “Call”, is a labyrinth of streets, squares and stone buildings in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. This should not surprise anyone because the Jewish population played an integral part in the development of the city.  However, by examining the streets and buildings with our guides, you will discover the roots that extend to the origins of the city.

Historical Sites

Start with a visit to The Oldest Synagogue in Spain. The former main Synagogue proves the early presence, as far back as Roman times.  Even though many historians chose to ignore their role, the streets and stories we discover on the Barcelona Jewish Heritage tour show just how important the community was. Additionally, this visit explains the original layout of the Jewish Quarter. 

Another mandatory stop is the Jewish Heritage Museum.  Here you find the archaeological remains of a house from the time period. Unearth the legends and history of the Barcelona Jewish Quarter. Then learn about some of the most important members of the community.  After that explore the importance of the Disputation of Barcelona, one of the most important 13th century public debates. 

Finally, head out of the “Call Major” (main Jewish Quarter) and visit the expansion, or “Call Menor“. The presence of the Jews in Barcelona for over 1000 years was felt beyond the borders of their walls. Uncover the other roles the Jewish community played in Medieval society. Of course, the Jewish Heritage tour must include the Inquisition, its origins and implications. And now, over 500 years after the Inquisition, discover how Barcelona’s Jewish community has risen again. 


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