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Barcelona: Wine and Cava Tour

Spain has a long and rich tradition of wine making. In fact, there are almost 70 different wine growing regions throughout the country. And what’s more, there are a few right next to Barcelona. So why not step outside the city and indulge in some of the best wines in the region? Our Barcelona Wine Tour is the perfect way to broaden your knowledge. 

Barcelona Wine Tour: the Penedès region

 We have chosen the Penedès Wine region for our Barcelona Wine Tour for several reasons. Firstly, it is close to Barcelona. Secondly, it is an area steeped in culture and tradition. Next, it provides a great cross-section of wine varieties and styles with some fantastic and innovative producers. Finally, it is home to Spain’s sparkling wine: Cava.

Barcelona Wine Tour: what are you going to see?

As you know, all of our tours are private. That means everything can be custom designed and personalized to your interests and needs. Here is what we usually recommend while in the Penedès Wine Region: 

Cava – Barcelona’s sparkling wine

We will start the tour with a visit to a Family-run Cava winery. This high-end producer still uses the traditional, hand-crafted method. They will explain how the traditional and modern approaches are different. Then, of course, you will have the chance to taste for yourselves. The result is an outstanding sparkling wine which you are sure to love.

Barcelona winery – why smaller is better

Our next stop is to an organic winery. In today’s world we are returning to smaller, environmentally friendly producers. That means this is what you are looking for. A high-quality product from innovative and organic methods. Take a walk through the vineyard itself. Discover the history of the land. Then, learn about the development of the wine culture.  Finally, sample the goods. Choose between red wine, white wine, rosé, or even a dessert wine. 

Add a few extra options to enjoy the tour even more!

We also have options to complete your day.

  • Enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the vineyard or you can choose to enjoy lunch at a typical restaurantin the region before returning to Barcelona.
  • Take a 4×4 ride up to the highest vineyards for a light brunch.
  • Ride an electric bike through the vineyards to an 11th century church.

In conclusion, the Barcelona wine and cava tour is designed for your maximum enjoyment. From wine aficionados and experts to people just wanting to discover new tastes, we’ve got you covered. 


From 5 hours

Private Tour

You and your
professional guide.
100% exclusive

Optional Services

Lunch in the vineyards
Segway or 4x4 tour in the vineyards

Type of tour

Walking Tour
Private transportation included

Tickets included

A Cava winery + tastings
An ecological winery + tastings

Suitable for

All ages*
*Kids would skip wine tastings and, depending on availability, we could offer them grape juice!



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