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Bilbao Panoramic and Walking Tour

Bilbao is the capital of the Basque region of Bizkaia, built along an estuary leading to the nearby Bay of Biscay. Through the centuries it has been one of the main cities of the region, an industrial and cultural force and a source of endless tales and facts that make it such an exciting city. It combines its history, culture and the 21st century into one beautiful city waiting to be explored.

This is a two-part tour. First is a panoramic visit in a private car to get a feeling for the modern city that Bilbao has become: the Guggenheim Museum, the Isozaki Towers, Zubizuri pass, and the Euskalduna Palace. After that we step into the origins of the city itself: the “7 calles” (Seven Streets) that define the old city. Stroll through these ancient streets learning the history and culture, as well as some of the most interesting aspects and legends of the city. Bilbao is a city where the details are easy to miss so allow our expert guide to help you. You will also discover sites like:

  • The Santiago cathedral. Bilbao’s Cathedral, it is in the heart of the old city and dedicated to apostle James (Santiago in Spanish), the patron saint of the city, as Bilbao forms a part of the Camino de Santiago’s coastal route.
  • Yohn Palace. One of the most beautiful buildings in the old city, this Baroque palace is also known as “the Bourse” because in the past it was used as a merchant center.
  • Arriaga theater. This is one of the most surprisingly beautiful buildings in Bilbao. Inspired by the Paris Opera house, it was given the name Arriaga in homage to local musician Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga, known as the “Spanish Mozart” for his prodigious talent and early death.


3 hours

Private Tour

You and your
professional guide.
100% exclusive

Optional Services

Add a Pintxos Tour or finish the tour with a visit to the Guggenheim Museum

Type of tour

Walking Tour

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Suitable for

All ages



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