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Bilbao: the Hanging Bridge of Bizkaia Tour

This route takes us to one of the most important industrial and commercial sites in the region along the banks of the Nervion River: The Hanging Bridge of Bizkaia. Selected as a World Heritage Site in 2006-07, the bridge was built in 1893 and was the first metal-structured transporter bridge in the world. That fact and the industry that passed beneath it have made the bridge one of the symbols of the re-emergence of the region’s powerful industry. Considered one of the engineering wonders of its age, this iron-plated masterpiece has overcome its own pragmatic function and a number of mundane disputes to become a symbol of the whole region.

After crossing the bridge on its panoramic walkway, we will visit the village of Portugalete. This 700-year old village sits on the end of the Nervion River, and was once one of the most fashionable places for the upper classes to visit. Visit the Iron Wharf, the Salazar Tower and walk the cobblestone streets of the Medieval town.


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