Cádiz white Villages Tour

Cadiz is well-known for its famous ‘white villages’. Small villages with narrow streets and bleach white houses decorated with brightly colored flowers. Towns where the charm is not just the white that reflects off the rocks or the green vegetation, it is something that goes beyond all that. It is the charm of the real Andalusia, the authentic one, of being in a unique place with its own peculiar character. Villages that breathe tradition and respect for customs. It’s an unforgettable experience that you can only experience in this little corner of the world. At The Spanish Touch we have designed a route that allows you to get to know some of the most beautiful and charming white villages and we will guide you through the streets and stories hidden amongst the white walls, helping you gain a better understanding of the culture, traditions and people who make this such a special place. 


9 hours (from Seville and back)

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professional guide.
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Walking Tour
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