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Costa Brava Hiking Tour

Our hiking tours are always very personal. Perhaps it’s the way we get into the hidden nooks that would be almost impossible to find otherwise, or because we give a different perspective. Whatever the case we designed our Costa Brava Hiking Tour so that through it you will discover the rugged natural beauty of the Costa Brava.

You can’t come to Barcelona and miss the Costa Brava! To start with, Costa Brava refers to natural coastline located in the northern side of Catalonia. In fact, in Catalan, ‘Costa Brava’ literally means ‘Rugged Coast’ because of the characteristics of its terrain. The landscape offers isolated coves and stunning views that you will discover with one of our professional guides.

Our Costa Brava Hiking Tour

The start of the Costa Brava Hiking Tour is just an hour from Barcelona.

On the Costa Brava Hiking Tour we will take a route that connects different villages along the Costa Brava. The path along the coast, giving you access to unequaled and breathtaking views of the Costa Brava. Just picture the Mediterranean Sea, waves crashing against the rocky coastline which is so characteristic of this coast. Continuing along our path, visit two villages of the Costa Brava. These villages are quaint traditional fishing towns with whitewashed houses glistening off the reflected sea.

The Hiking Tour that we take along the Costa Brava was once a path that was used to connect towns, just like we do. But it earned its name during the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was frequented by the local police and coast guard who used it to control the illegal activities of contraband. Because of the hidden inlets of the rocky coves, the area naturally lent itself to such activities.

This is an easy hike. The trail is basically flat with a few stairs at the beginning and at a few certain points along the route. In general, however, this is a flat hike and is suitable for all ages and levels. In any case, as it is a private tour there is always the possibility to shorten or lengthen the route to adapt it to your preferences.


8 hours

Private Tour

You and your
professional guide.
100% exclusive

Optional Services

Lunch not included

Type of tour

Hiking Tour
Private transportation included

Tickets included


Suitable for

All ages
Difficulty: easy



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