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Girona: Dali Museum Tour

The Dali Museum Tour is much more than just visiting the museum. During this tour you will understand the geniality and the excentricities of this unique character. But you will also visit one of the most beautiful towns of Catalonia: Cadaques. Dali spent many years in Cadaques and Portlligat where he also had a house that we can still visit. 

Dali Museum Tour: understanding the genius

Salvador Dalí is Catalonia’s most celebrated artist. His flamboyant genius made him one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. Ever wonder what made him so … peculiar? Want to uncover some of the sites and stories behind that quirky mustache?  This tour does all that and more! We take to the sites that influenced his life and work through the years. Start at Figueres, town of his birth and his first art showing. Next head to the Costa Brava town of Portlligat, where he lived in a quiet enclave in an old fishermen’s town. Explore the beauty that inspired Dali and so many other artists in towns like Cadaques and see the magic of art and the region mix.

Highlights of the Dali Museum Tour

Some of the highlights of this tour include:

  • Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres. Site of Dali’s first art showing, it is now the largest collection of Dali works in the world.  A visit to this museum is a visit to the soul of Dali. The building itself, designed in part by Dali, is a work of art, and every aspect begs for closer inspection. From the Mae West Room to the Wind Palace to his work with holograms, you will immerse yourself in Dali’s word. If you only visit one museum this vacation, this is definitely the one to check out! 
  • Cadaqués, where Dalí spent many boyhood hours. This town has been a reference for artists since the 19th century, and it’s not hard to see why. Envision the picturesque white village spreading around the beach, walk the cobblestone streets and feel the creative juices flowing. No wonder Cadaques has seen so many great artists pass through its welcoming doors, including Picasso, Miró, Duchamp and Richard Hamilton.
  • The Dali House-Museum at Portlligat, a small fishing village just a short walk from Cadaques, where Dalí lived most of his adult life.  Dali bought a fisherman’s house in 1930, and expanded his house for the next 40 years. It also served as his studio. Step into his world, where off-center mirrors and stuffed polar bears are the norm. The house and garden offer a glimpse into the artist’s private life in a way no other place could. 

This tour includes private transportation and entrance tickets.


9 hours
(from Barcelona)

Private Tour

You and your
professional guide.
100% exclusive

Optional Services

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Type of tour

Walking Tour
Private transportation included

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Dalí House
Dalí Museum

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