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Galician Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela

Some of the dishes you will be able to prepare include:

  • ‘Pulpo á Feira’, or ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’. One of the most famous dishes, this octopus dish is one of the best-loved in all of Spain.
  • ‘Empanadas’. These pastry pies are some of the best examples of Galician cuisine, and incorporate ingredients from the lands and seas of the region. They are also one of the oldest examples of Galician cooking, dating back over 1000 years!
  • Galician Chicken Stew. A hearty meal that incorporates local flavors and goes great with the local wines.
  • Grilled codfish. Another traditional meal with unique local flavors.
  • ‘Carne Ó Caldeiro’. This meat dish is a standard at all the local festivals and celebrations, and it is one of the most popular and delicious in the region.
  • ‘Tarta de Santiago’. This almond-based cake is a delight on its own or as a dessert with a sweet wine.
  • Galician-style cheesecake. Together with ‘Tarta de Santiago’, nothing says Galician dessert more than a great piece of this local classic.
  • ‘Filloas’. Galician crepes. These delicious treats can be either sweet or savory, and can be enjoyed at any time of the year with any meal.

This is just a sample of the dishes that you can make in our cooking classes. The final dish will depend on your preferences as well as the season and availability of the products (we always try to make sure that the products are market fresh).

Here is a summary of what you’ll do:

  • The first step in the cooking class is a market tour with the chef. Explore the stalls and seasonal products, to get to know how to choose the best products, which is the freshest fish or seafood, as well as typical Galician products.
  • Afterwards, head to the cooking school where you will cook the different traditional Galician and Spanish dishes.
  • And of course, when you finish cooking, taste the delicious results of your labor.

Galician Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela Galician Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela Galician Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela


4 hours

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