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Ibérico Ham Tour Seville

Iberian Ham is one of the crown jewels of Spanish cuisine, a product of the highest quality attained only by precious few around the world. It comes from pure Iberian pigs, a breed of pigs distinguishable by their black skin and lack of hair. Their hooves are black as well, giving rise to the term “pata negra”, or black hoof, to describe them. Pata negra is now synonymous with the highest quality. Iberian ham comes in a variety of quality levels, the top being the acorn fed, or “bellota” ham. These pigs are fed on a diet of acorns during their key feeding period, which gives the finished product a unique flavor as well as some additional antioxidant characteristics. Iberian ham is cured and can be aged for 2 years or more before being released on the market. Acorn fed or not, it is the unique genetic makeup of the breed that makes it one of the most sought-after and often most expensive products in the world, with prices for top quality Iberian hams reaching $100 a pound. Enjoy a private MULTI-DAY IBERICO HAM TOUR including a tasting, a visit the factory where the meat is cured and learn about the art of the “cortadores de jamón” (ham slicers), all while enjoying the natural beauty and hiking the trails of rural Spain as we take you on a tour that will leave more than just your taste buds wanting more. Contact us for more information. This tour does not have any set dates and is only organized as a private, personalized tour designed to meet your needs and preferences. Or take a PRIVATE DAY TOUR: This is a 5 hour tour an hour outside Seville in the province of Andalusia. Some of the highlights of this tour include: An excursion to the ‘Dehesa’ where the pigs are. A visit to the factory where the meat is cured. A ‘jamón’ tasting with red wine or sherry. OPTIONAL: We can arrange private transportation to and from Seville or rental car with GPS.


5 hours

Group Tour

Small group tour

Optional Services

We can provide private transportation

Type of tour

Walking Tour

Tickets included

Ham Factory entrance fees
Ham tasting and wine

Suitable for

All ages



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