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Barcelona: Montserrat Hike

Montserrat is a mountain range about 40 miles inland from the city of Barcelona, so a Montserrat hike it is a great idea for those who are looking for an active day out of the city.

A Hike in Montserrat: a day out from the city

Famous for its unique shapes, legends and monastery, the mountain has become so intertwined with the history and culture of Catalonia so that it is impossible to separate one from the other. That is why Montserrat is both the spiritual and cultural heart of Barcelona and all of Catalonia

To begin with, Montserrat Mountain is easy to access and close enough to the city so people from Barcelona choose it as an easy escape during the weekends, especially to take a hike. Additionally, there are a plethora of hiking routes available for all levels and times.  

This is to say that whatever the Montserrat hike route you take, the mountain will show you its magic. Because this mountain has something different no other one has. Something difficult to express, something you have to see and feel with your own eyes. 

Hike Montserrat with us!

Naturally, The Hiking Tour of Montserrat can be combined with a more traditional visit to the magic mountain. You won’t need to bring any special gear, just suitable footwear to go hiking in the mountain and comfortable clothing. 

Through this hiking tour of Montserrat get off the beaten path and get to know the secrets of the mountain. Go beyond the basic and get away from the crowds. That means you have the chance to explore a side of the mountain not everyone gets to see. For starters we will explain Montserrat’s manifold history and legends while you are enjoying the panoramic views of the monastery. And it is a mountain of mystery as well. Is there really a river underneath the mountain from which there spring various fountains? How was the “Moreneta” found? What was the Holy Grail doing there? And what about all those UFO sightings? 

The Hike

The Montserrat Mountain Hiking Tour is a medium grade hike.  In contrast to other tours, it takes you away from the tourist crowds that tend to congregate around the monastery. Once you are off the main trail, you can truly feel at one with the mountain. For that reason you can hear it speak to you as you hike. Moreover, your expert guide will explain not just the legends but also the scenery and reverence for the mountain that the Catalan people feel.  While on the hike enjoy the spectacular views and remains of centuries old huts and chapels that dot the mountain. Finally, when you reach the highest peak, at over 1200 meters (4,000 ft), savor the moment. The Catalan countryside spreads out below. Specifically you will see the wine region, a glimpse of Barcelona and what’s more, you can even see the Pyrenees. 


Naturally we can tailor the Montserrat Hiking Tour. For example, why not take the cog rail up to St. Joan’s, and get a head start on the hike? Alternatively, if you choose to hike up, stop at the Cross of St. Miquel. Then imagine how pilgrims felt hundred of years ago when they arrived. Since the original pilgrimage route came over the mountain, this was the first place where people could see the monastery.  In fact, why not turn the hike into a full day activity, starting at the Collbato Caves, famed for being a source of inspiration. For instance, Gaudi used the forms he saw there in his works. Afterwards, hike up and over, to get the authentic pilgrimage experience! In conclusion, we can customize the Montserrat Hiking Tour to your group!  


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