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Tarragona: Priorat Wine Tour

About 2 hours from Barcelona, the Priorat Wine Tour will show you the region with a 12th-century Carthusian monastery, Romanesque churches and Modernista wineries. The wines, though, are the true highlight of the Priorat Wine Tour

Priorat Wine Tour: the Wine Region

Tucked into the mountains on daunting slopes, Priorat offers visitors a fantastic look into rural life.  Our Priorat Wine Tour invites you to discover the region’s wines, culture and history. It has earned its well-deserved international reputation as one of the top wine regions in Spain. In fact, it is just one of two D.O.Q. (denominació d’origen de qualitat) in the entire country (Rioja is the other). Priorat took the world by storm in the late 20th century. So come with us and discover how! 

These full-bodied wines rank among the most exclusive in Spain. That’s due in part to limited production and difficulties in growing them, but mostly because of the love and effort of the winemakers.  Their dedication shines through and results in a spectacular final product. But you get so much more than just great wines. Discover the local olive oil and the cuisine is a delightful combination of local ingredients.

Highlights of the Priorat Wine Tour

Some of the highlights of this tour include:

  • Entrance to wineries and tasting. Normally we offer two winery visits during our Priorat Wine Tour.  Imagine getting a private visit in an award-winning winery by the owner himself! Any question you have, he is the guy to ask. We also offer a visit to one of the newer wineries. These offer their own unique perspective on these great classics, without sacrificing their essence. See the vineyards on the steep hills. Discover the passion that made people choose to work this unforgiving land. And naturally, taste what makes the wines so great. Moreover, your private visit means more time to dig in to the wine tastings. Enjoy 4 different wines at each winery. While the big, strong reds are the highlight, Priorat also makes some great whites. So prepare to be deliciously surprised!  
  • Scala Dei Monastery. This 12th-century monastery is where Priorat began. Imagine finding a site so beautiful that the original settlers named it the stairway to heaven. A visit to the remains gives you a good background to how the region as well as offering a winery and olive oil producer.
  • El Pont del Diable, or literally “The Devil’s Bridge.” On the road down to the wine region, stop to enjoy the views and discover the legend of this ancient Roman aqueduct. Walking across the valley on a bridge built 2000 years ago is a great way to get the day started!

Optionals you can add in your Priorat Wine Tour

  • Lunch in a winery. After enjoying the winery visit and tasting the wines, stick around for a gourmet lunch! The winery’s private chef prepares a menu designed with their wines in mind. Can’t you just see yourself sitting in the garden of the winery? Leaning back, the birds and flowers sing as the sun bathes your face. The glass of wine in your hand perfectly matched to the food on your plate. What a great way to end the visit!
  • 4×4 route through the vineyards. It’s always a good idea to discover the roots of the wine. Literally! Drive out to the terraced vineyards in a 4×4. As you walk through the vineyard you can smell, feel , see and even taste what makes everything tick. Maybe even enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese or bread under the shade of an olive tree. 
  • Siurana. A fairytale town perched high on a cliff in the natural park that overlooks the Priorat. Overlooking a reservoir, the cobblestone streets and centuries old buildings create a charming background that will leave a lasting memory of your time in Priorat!
  • Modernista Winery. The  Modernista spirit that dominated Catalonia 100 years ago did not skip this region. In fact, Gaudi himself was from a neighboring town. Enjoy a glass of wine while you sit admiring the beauty of the building itself. A small town, a part from the hustle and bustle, in a quintessentially Catalan building with a great local wine. Who wouldn’t want to add that memory to their vacation?


8 hours
(from Barcelona)

Private Tour

You and your
professional guide.
100% exclusive

Optional Services

Lunch in a winery

Type of tour

Walking Tour
Private transportation included

Tickets included

Scala Dei Monastery
2 winery visits + tastings

Suitable for

All ages*
*Kids would skip wine tastings but, depending on availability, we could offer grape juice!



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