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Sintra Tour from Lisbon

One of the absolute must-sees when in Lisbon: Sintra Tour from Lisbon. Sintra is a magnificent village in the midst of a national park, and home of the unmistakeable Palacio da Pena perched colourfully over the city, the Royal Palace, and the quirky Quinta de Regaleira Palace. The town of Sintra has Celtic origins, but it was the 15th century when the royal family began to use it as a summer retreat for its beauty and proximity to nature (which allowed them to hunt without having to go too far). This relationship between nature and man is reflected in the way the gardens, streets and buildings exist in perfect juxtaposition.

Highlights of our Sintra Tour from Lisbon

Some of the highlights of our tour are stops at: 

Palacio da Pena Palace

Palacio da Pena Palace, the royal family’s summer residence, this 19th century palace is an eclectic mix of styles and colors that is a must-see when you visit Sintra! Perched on top of the hill overlooking the town, it was a gift from the king of Portugal to his wife and was built on the ruins of an old monastery, a small part of which is style standing inside the palace.

National Palace

Originally an Arab palace, this Gothic palace was redesigned in the 15th century with its peculiar and unmistakable twin conical chimneys which can be seen from almost anywhere in the town. The palace features some of the oldest and best-preserved tile work in Portugal, as well as legends of the kings!

The old quarter

The old quarter, with its winding streets and quaint shops. The whole town is a site unto itself, and one that merits the time to explore and soak in the culture and ambiance. The town’s relationship to nature is always on display, from the cobblestone to the gardens and parks tucked into the town, it is a feeling you will want to remember.


5 hours (from Lisbon and back)

Private Tour

You and your
professional guide.
100% exclusive

Optional Services

Extend the day and visit the quirky and mysterious Quinta da Regaleira

Type of tour

Walking tour.
Private transportation included

Tickets included

Palacio da Pena

Suitable for

All ages



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