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Tarragona Walking Tour

Imagine standing in a Roman Amphitheater looking out over the Mediterranean. Then add some Gothic, a pinch of Modernisme and some golden beaches. You’ve got the Tarragona Walking Tour.  

The Tarragona Walking Tour

Start the day by heading to this beachfront city just an hour south of Barcelona. Begin with the origins of the Roman city: Tarraco. Next, visit the walls and towers and the Roman Circus in order to get a real appreciation for the history and beauty of the city. Finally, enjoy the spectacular amphitheater overlooking the Mediterranean. Altogether, it feels like the rocks and stones of the city want to tell you their story. Naturally, Tarragona is more than just Roman heritage. So that means our Tarragona Walking tour will show you medieval monuments, Modernista gems and an incredible panorama.   

Highlights of the Tarragona Walking Tour

  • The Cathedral (12th Century). If walls could talk, this church would have some incredible stories. It has been the seat of the Roman temple, witnessed the Black Death and survived civil wars.  For that reason, this building is a testament to the city’s perseverance. 
  • Roman Forum and Circus. Next, visit the best preserved circus in Europe. Feel the ghosts of the horses and chariots racing past you. Moreover, the fact that Tarragona remains under the radar makes the experience much more personal! 
  • The Roman Amphitheater. How many times does your vacation include standing in a Roman Amphitheater overlooking the Mediterranean? Built outside the city walls 200 years ago, this offers you just that chance! Stand in the sun amid thousands of years of history. In the meantime the Mediterranean paints the background.  Soak in the moment as the sun rains down and the waves roll in. Overall, a magic moment awaits. 
  • Balcony of the Mediterranean. After that, why not just take a stroll along the beachfront walk?  This is much more than just a promenade. For example, it features  beautiful Modernista railings with a special local legend. Of course we cannot fail to mention the stunning views. At the end of the day grab a coffee or an ice cream on this beautiful wide pedestrian street. 


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