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Barcelona: Pedralbes and Sarria Tour

The Pedralbes and Sarria Neighborhood Walking Tour of Barcelona will bring you up close and personal with a softer side of the big city.  This means something both removed from the hustle and bustle and filled with that distinct Barcelona charm. For instance, visit Gothic churches, modernista gems and enjoy the tranquil beauty of one of the city’s “forgotten” neighborhoods. Additionally, take the opportunity to enjoy a streetside snack! Wind your way through history, legend and a slice of the city that most visitors don’t get to enjoy.

Highlights of our Barcelona Pedralbes and Sarria Tour

Depending on how many sites you want to visit, the ‘Barcelona Pedralbes and Sarria Neighborhoods Walking Tour’ can take from 3 to 8 hours. In particular, we recommend combining Pedralbes Monastery with a walking route of the Royal Palace and the Gardens. Furthermore, add a visit to the Bellesguard Tower by Gaudi. Briefly, here is a list of some of the sites you might visit during this tour:

The Sarria and Pedralbes Neighborhood of Barcelona

Sarrià and Pedralbes are two of the most elegant neighborhoods in Barcelona. Pedralbes still maintains the palaces and its elegant and antique sofistication and charm. On the other hand, Sarria is more a district to be walked and enjoy the boutiques and traditional and unique shops. In sum, there is plenty to do and see for the discerning visitor. 

Pedralbes Monastery

It seems impossible that in a city as lively as Barcelona you can find a monastery like Pedralbes. Indeed, visiting the monastery complex feels like entering a different world. That is because this world of silence and tranquility, has been home to the Poor Clares nuns since 1327.  But the monastery has opened to the public, frequently holding exhibitions and concerts, too. In fact, Many locals regard it as one of the true hidden treasures of Barcelona!

Finca Güell by Gaudi

This is one of Gaudí’s earliest works. The estate itself is curently being refurbised, but don’t miss the magnificent wrought-iron gate in the shape of a Dragon. After that, head next door to the Royal Palace and Gardens. 

Royal Palace and Gardens

In its origins, both the garden (partially designed by Gaudi) and the house were property of Gaudi’s main patron, Eusebi Güell. However, in 1919 Güell gave the house and the land to the royal family when he received the title of Count. It then became the royal residence when they visited the city. Nowadays it houses the Ceramics Museum, the Textile Museum and the Decorative Arts Museum. Apart from the palace itself, the gardens are definitely worth a stroll (look for the Gaudi touches!) 

The Bellesguard House by Gaudi

Antoni Gaudí built the Bellesguard house between 1900 and 1909. It is unique because it uses rectilinear forms rarely seen in his other work. His inspiration was the medieval castle of Martin I, also known as Martin the Humane. The king resided at Bellesguard until his death in 1410. Gaudí built a “castle” that was a blend of Art Nouveau and Gothic styles. Additionally, he restored some of the ruins of the medieval palace, which are now part of the estate’s grounds.

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