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Girona: Costa Brava Tour

The Costa Brava Tour is the perfect getaway from the city. ‘Costa Brava’ is the name given to the rugged coastline that runs along the northern part of Catalonia’s Mediterranean coast. This 100-mile stretch of coast is made up of rocky coastlines, hidden coves, and quaint fishing villages. It is a place where the beauty of nature and the history and tradition of the people combine to offer visitors a glimpse into a different era and a different way of life. It’s proximity to Barcelona has long made the region popular both with locals and visitors alike. The blend of the rustic elegance, magnificent scenery and, naturally, the beaches themselves can awaken the inner artist of anyone.

Optionals to include in the Costa Brava Tour

We recommend extending the 5-hour tour to an 8-hour tour. Here is a list of other activities and sites we could add into your day trip in order to have an unforgettable day

  • Enjoy a paella lunch by the sea. After a great walk, just imagine yourself sitting right in front of the beach, great views, relaxed while you eat a delicious paella. Isn’t that tempting? Costa Brava is one of the best places to enjoy a paella. We know the best restaurants to have the best paella you have ever tried, only using local and fresh products.  The fresher the better a paella is! 
  • Visit a fish market. For centuries the fish market was the mall of local town. So why not share in that experience? While fishing may no longer be the primary activity, you can still find great fish markets stocked daily by local fishermen. What a way to step back in the quaint traditions of yesteryear. We can even share with you helpful tips and even a traditional fish recipe. 
  • Enjoy a Hiking Tour in Costa Brava. What better way to spend beach time than a walk along the beach? How about a walk along pristine tiny coves, stunning cliffs and into a tucked away village! With an optional stop to take a dip at some secluded beach. And do not fear, we offer a range of options. This includes a gentle shorter walk for those who just want spectacular views. It also includes challenging hikes that take you to places otherwise inaccessible. All with your driver waiting for you at the end!


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Extend the tour and enjoy a paella by the sea and visit a fish market!
Enjoy a Hiking Tour

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