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Lisbon is a city of seven hills along the banks of the Tagus River. That makes it a bit more complicated to explore the different neighborhoods, each with its own charm, tell the tale of one of Europe’s oldest cities.  The Lisbon panoramic tour is the best and easiest way to discover Lisbon and its must-see monuments, as well as the chance to taste one of the most traditional desserts of the city. In a private car you will have the chance to learn about the history, culture and people of the city, as well as to stop and explore different regions for photo ops or just to get a closer look.

The highlights of our Lisbon Panoramic Tour

Some of the highlights of our tour are stops at: 


The oldest section of the city, filled with beautiful small shops, bustling restaurants and a Moorish legacy that creates a unique atmosphere

Das Jeronimos Monastery

This 16th century monastery was built in honor of Lisbon’s most famous explorer, Vasco de Gama, upon his return from India. It was built with the money from the colonies on the old chapel where legend tells us Vasco de Gama and his crew prayed before leaving on their expedition. With more than 300 meters of Façade, it gets its name from the order of monks who lived there originally and is the royal crypt for a number of kings of Portugal.

Cristo Rei Statue

Inspired by the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, where, in 1934, the Cardenal of Lisbon visited and was awestruck by the new work. While construction began shortly thereafter, it was not until the 1950s that construction was completed. The statue is 28 meters (more than 95 ft) high and is a symbol of peace and thankfulness of the Portuguese people to God for keeping them out of WWII.

Belem Tower

Another monument from the age of explorers, this 16th century watchtower was designed to protect the city port from attacks along the Tagus river. Commerce Square Then go to Pombalina Downtown area towards Rossio Square, Liberty Avenue and Marques of Pombal roundabout.

Commerce Square

Constructed on the remains of the Royal Palace after the earthquake of 1755, this is the central square in Lisbon. To get to the square you must pass through the Rua Agustus Arch,

Marques de Pombal Statue

Dedicated to the hero who rebuilt Lisbon from the wreckage after the earthquake of 1755. 

The magnificent bridges that span the river

And that includes the 25 of April bridge, the highest suspension bridge in Europe, whose similarities to the Golden Gate Bridge are impossible to ignore (the same company designed both bridges).


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Taste the local treat: the delicious Pastis de Belem!

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